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Fujian Forecam Optics Co., Ltd. Enterprise Technology Center was jointly identified as National Enterprise Technology Center by the five national ministries    
On January 9, 2020, then National Development and Reform Commission announced the “Notice on the Issuance of New Certifications for 2019 (26th Batch) and the List of All National Enterprise Technology Centers. Fujian Forecam Optics Co., Ltd. Enterprise Technology Center was identified as National Enterprise Technology Center. Following the "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" and "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", RICOM has won the honor of national innovation again, which indicates that the company is deeply integrated into the national technology innovation system and is a reflection of the company's comprehensive strength.

Fujian Forecam Optics Co., Ltd. Enterprise Technology Center was established in 2009 and was identified as a “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” by the Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Fujian Provincial Finance Bureau in 2014. The enterprise technology center is composed of a high-level R & D and production talent. Core technical staffs have many years of technical experience in the optical field. The enterprise technology center platform continuously promotes the use of new technologies, new processes and innovations in new field applications for the company's sustainable development. The R & D platform of the Enterprise Technology Center has successively passed the "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Full-spectrum Optical Lenses", "Fujian Precision Optoelectronics Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center", "Fujian Full-spectrum Optical Lens Engineering Research Center", and "Fujian Special Imaging Optics Key Laboratory" and other technological innovation platforms.

In recent years, according to the requirements of innovation-driven development and the needs of economic structural adjustment, the state has identified the enterprise technology centers with strong innovation capabilities, good innovation mechanisms, leading demonstration roles, and qualified conditions. Identification and operation evaluation, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation are jointly responsible for guiding and coordinating the related work of the National Enterprise Technology Center. This identification is a recognition of the innovation capability, innovation mechanism and leading demonstration role of RICOM enterprise technology center, and also a high recognition of the company's innovation capability and independent research and development capabilities. 

In the future, RICOM will continue to increase investment in technological innovation and personnel training, continue to improve the ability to transform research and development results, keep pace with the development of optical technology in the world, make solid progress, strive for excellence, and strive to become a leading optical lens company in China. Giving full paly to the company's leading demonstration role in the field of technological innovation and independent research and development.

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